Welcome to the New South Similkameen Museum!



                      After 45 years in its previous lotion the South Similkameen Museum has arrived in its new home. And we’ll be open for business July 1st!

                      Once the old museum closed for the 2017 season the process of moving the collection to the new site began. But in November the 60 year old plumbing finally failed in the kitchen of our “new to us” building, resulting in four inches of water in the basement before it was discovered. Thanks to a quick response by many Society members and many hours of effort over the next few days, the collection was saved with very little loss.

                      Restoration of the kitchen began early in the new year and completed in April. In the aftermath of the flood we discovered that there was a total lack of insulation in the basement meeting room. Our own construction, renovation and restoration team removed all the paneling, inserted insulation, replaced the paneling, restored the finish on the panelling, built a closet and storage cupboard and a new entrance to the future natural gas furnace room.

                      Meanwhile, thanks to our BC/nada 150 Grant funding, construction started on new, totally accessible washroom facilities on both floors and the front entrance/exit ramp. Work on new exhibitions, has been ongoing since last late year and

                      Everyone involved is looking forward to unveiling their efforts to the public on July 1st.

                      Long term plans ll for awareness and marketing efforts to increase lol participation in the museum’s activities and fund raising for new pital expenditures such as a new roof, furnace and parking lot improvements. The projects we have undertaken ourselves and the work funded by grants and the insurance claim would not have been possible without the ongoing efforts and contributions of our core member group. The hours they have invested have gone a long way toward decreasing the deductible payment to the insurance company and our 20% responsibility we have for the grant funded projects.

                      We are long forward to welcoming lol residents and visitors to Keremeos to the new lotion of the South Similkameen Museum this summer! Our new larger premises allows enough space for more than a dozen separate displays of the history of the South Similkameen.

                      Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays  10:00 am – 4:00 pm

                      New Address: 414-9th Ave    



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